Getting more detail from CRM SDK errors

April 18, 2007

Whilst for the most part, using the Microsoft CRM SDK is pretty painless due to the great SOA architecture it exposes, when things do go wrong, on the surface, it can be rather challenging discovering how to resolve some issues.

As all requests made against the CRM system are sent through their business layer (which enforces all the business rules and ensures data integrity), when executing request objects you need to either have a good understanding of the business rules associated with the Entity you are dealing with or, during the course of development make sure you take advantage of exception handling.

More often than not, the exceptions bubbled up from the calls to the web-service are very generic and in most cases completely useless. As the CRM web services use the SOAP protocol I have found examining the inner exception messages thrown by the SOAP library the most useful.

For example when adding a line item to a quotation in CRM from an extranet system I got the following, very usefull (sarcasim), message: “Server was unable to process request”

Following is a screen-shot of how I got more detail. Notice the use of the “System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException” library.

Click for full size (client specific detail has been masked)

crm exception


Essential content for .net developers

April 2, 2007

A good developer (in my humble opinion) should be in constant pursuit of not only the next big thing but more importantly ways to not only broaden their technical knowledge but to also explore new ways of doing old things. In a world of Internet, television, radio and communities, we are confronted with a plethora of information, sifting through all this information and filtering out all the crap is indeed a tenant of Web 2.0. We have the tools to help with this mammoth task and I thought Id share both some of the tools I use in filtering the content I choose to use as well as some of the essential content for .net developers.

There are so many great blogs out there to read, I use (works best with firefox) to group and read all the blogs which I subscriber to. I can access my list from any Internet connected PC and can easily bookmark articles for later reading or archiving. Here are the top 5 blogs of the 25 blogs I subscriber to:

making the best of a bad situation for me involves using the 40 minute morning cycle at the gym, the 45 minute drive to work and the 45 minute drive home into a information packed 2+ hours of podcasting listening on my iPod. Here are the top 3 shows I subscribe and listen to.

using Chris;

Day 7 at CeBIT

March 21, 2007

It’s the second to last day here in freezing cold Hannover. Was met with a crazy story from Lavern who spent this entire night outside in the cold at the fair grounds where he was stranded after being deserted at a club they went to after lasts nights SA party. With no money, no cell phone and just a thin suit he braved the cold until 7am when cleaning staff who were arriving let him in to get his money and managed to get a cab home. This event reaffirmed my wise decision of having an early night that evening.

Penny and myself spent a bit of time at a demo of “liquid searching” a new “revolution in desktop searching for Macs. Very interesting indeed!

As the day drew to an end a hoard of us got wind of some Chinese distributors selling off stock from their stand (which is not allowed at CeBIT). I had to control the urge to buy a whole bunch of gadgets that I don’t need, however cant promise I’m going to leave here empty handed. We also walked through the gaming halls were the European gaming championships were being held, it was absolute chaos as companies like Razor, NVidea and Gigabyte were throwing out graphics cards and motherboards into the crowd. Big screen gaming events are like nothing Ive seen before.

It is now the morning of the last day, its snowing outside! Last night all the SA exhibitors went out for a big meal, was good fun. Who knows what the last day of CeBIT will bring, more will be revealed tomorrow.

Dinner in Hannover Train to CeBIT Train Home
Hall 4 with SA Pavillion in view Software AG SAP TT Big Screen Gaming

Day 6 at CeBIT

March 19, 2007

Ok, so up until today it’s been pretty cold here in Hannover, but this morning everything was covered in ice and it was snowing on and off during the course of the day. This evening Mo and myself went to do a bit of shopping in Hannover and got caught in a downpour of snow (a first for me!).

It was a great day at the show, I spent a lot of time going through the country pavilions and made some extremely valuable discoveries around what people are doing with enterprise searching. You’ll have to chat to me to get more details, but its very exciting.

We had a wine tasting party at the South African stand this evening. Penny stayed on and I left a little early as after 7 days non-stop walking, talking, negotiating, exploring, socializing and discovering, exhaustion is really starting to kick in. Am writing this on Tuesday morning, very few people here at the stand so the party must have ended up a pretty good one.

More pics on flickr at:
And couple here from Day 6…

GT Cold wait for the train Niceish day at ceBIT
Exhibition And the snow came down Shopping in Hannover

Day 4 at CeBIT

March 18, 2007

A freezing cold Sunday in Hannover (2 degrees) did not stop the crowds from decending on CeBIT. Myself and Mo spent the morning trawling the digital equipment halls and “information overload” would be an understand in describing our experience. From the re-launch of the Commodore brand (remember the old Commodore 64? This was my first experience in programming games in BASIC) to one of the most amazing things that I have seen on the show being the 3D holographic TV’s.

Later in the Day Penny, Lavern and myself headed back to Hall one to take another good look at the Flybook which will be made commecially available 2 weeks after CeBIT ends. This notebook (slightly larger than a UMPC with touch creen, tablet folding screen built in HSDPA and GPS. Pity about the R20,000 price tag.

Penny and myself attended a short Presentation on windows Vista at the Microsoft Cinema and then after a wine tasting evening at the SA stand we headed off for dinner at a German / Itallian restaurant in the city.

I will try and get all my pictures up onto my Flickr page today. Will post the link to this when its done. Here are a few from todays adventures…

3d holographic TV Commodore Re-launch Playstation 3
R2D2 projector IP Phone Mouse 02 Stand - The best Stand
Gift Collectors Content Management Hall Flybook